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Canby OR Funeral Home And Cremations

Especially if a death is unexpected, the financial strain caused by needing to pay for final services such as a funeral and cremation in Canby, OR, may feel overbearing. The good news is that there are many good ways to care for your loved one's final needs and commemorate their life that will fit a range of budget constraints. Remember that typically the more services you retain for final arrangements, the higher the total costs. More time-intensive service options will necessarily be billed at a higher rate. For example, a full funeral service requires as much as 40+ hours of the funeral director's time to care for the client and their families while arranging the details to completion. This can explain why cremation is priced at lower rates since the intensity of time does not equate to that of a full funeral service.

Common Questions Surrounding Funeral and Cremation in Canby, OR

What Is a Funeral?

A funeral is a ceremony that offers loved ones and friends an opportunity to express their love and grief for a deceased loved one. Funerals are held soon after death, usually just before the corpse is laid to rest in the final disposition location. A funeral director helps with funeral services by assisting the family with their needs in planning and carrying out final arrangements for the dead. In addition, this licensed professional is involved in all deathcare procedures to prepare the body for viewing, burial, and cremation.

How Can Funeral Services Be Adapted?

Funerals can be as contemporary or traditional as you might wish. Personalizing services is something that can be done for streamlined or full-service options. For example, events can be held at the graveside just before burial. Alternatively, the services could include several interrelated meetings that work together for a healing goodbye. These events may include a viewing or visitation service with the family. The visitation is held before the funeral service. The body doesn't need to be displayed publicly, but many choose to go this route. Embalming is typically necessary for public viewing to occur.

What Are Cremation Services?

The procedures used for cremation services result in a complete transformation of the deceased's body. First, all the tissues that are subject to decay are burned away. After this incineration, there will still be portions of the skeletal remains that were not consumed in the intense heat. These are cooled and ground down into small pieces called "ashes." As this process is not reversible, cremation may be subject to a brief waiting period from when ordered to when completed. The body will be held in a refrigerated locker space until the procedure can be legally completed.

Is Cremation a Substitute for a Funeral Service?

Cremation is not typically categorized as an honoring service. However, each cremation service is offered to one individual at a time and with great respect to preserve the deceased's dignity. Because cremation is a form of body disposition, it pairs wonderfully with funeral services. The funerary events are completed in full before the cremation is completed. This combination of funeral and cremation in Canby, OR is a beautiful way to offer survivors closure and opens several final disposition options.

Final Disposition Possibilities after Cremation

Some families are more comfortable with cremation because of the various solutions afforded for the final placement of the cremated remains. The ashes can undoubtedly be buried in a cemetery or memorial park. An above-ground entombment is an option in some establishments. However, you can opt to have the cremated remains ensconced in an urn (or multiple urns) to be kept nearby surviving loved ones at home. If the deceased had a great connection with nature, there might be a desire to scatter the final remains in an outdoor setting with special meaning to them or your family.

There are also many highly creative solutions for cremated remains. Please consider creating at least some type of permanent memorial or monument to your departed loved one. This can give you and other mourners a place to visit when you need to feel close to your loved one. Even if the remains are not at this place, you could have a bench erected, a tree planted, or other plaque mounted in a picturesque setting where you can find solitude as you work through your grief.

Working with a Full-Service Funerary Provider

Finding a provider of deathcare services like funeral and cremation in Canby, OR can help you feel supported in the many decisions you face after the death of your loved one. By selecting a full-service establishment such as Cornwell Wilsonville Funeral Home and Cremation Service, you can have the peace of mind that comes with having all services you retain handled by your chosen professionals. This can bring additional security and peace of mind. For your convenience, our warmly welcoming facilities are located at 29222 SW Town Center Loop E, Wilsonville, OR 97070. Call (503) 682-1177 to arrange for service.

Funeral Home & Cremations FAQs

  • What happens during the funeral service?The funeral service usually lasts for about an hour. It often begins with a procession, followed by readings, eulogies, and prayers. The casket is usually present during the service, and mourners may have an opportunity to view it and say goodbye before it is closed. The service usually ends with a committal service, during which the casket is buried or cremated.

  • What happens during a burial service?A burial service typically includes a funeral ceremony, followed by the burial of the deceased. The funeral ceremony may include prayers, hymns, or other religious rituals. The casket is often placed in a hearse and taken to the gravesite, where the burial takes place. After the burial, family and friends may gather for a graveside memorial service.

  • What are some common add-ons to funeral services?There are a number of different add-ons that you may choose to add to your funeral service package. Some common add-ons include things like flowers, music, and catering services. Learn more about funeral services FAQs.