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When you begin discussing services like a funeral and cremation in Oregon City, OR, it is good to be upfront with your provider about your budget. They can help you find solutions that will meet your needs without overextending your finances. Designing tasteful final arrangements that do not add financial strain to the difficult time you face is possible. In general, it will cost more money if you order more services. Some available deathcare services require a significant time commitment from a funeral director and their staff. You often see a substantial difference in price between a full funeral service and cremation services. Direct services offered to care for final remains without public services attached may be the most economical way forward. However, death is like many other life events that only happen one time. You will never have the opportunity to lay this loved one to rest. Because of this, it is valuable to consider what is important to you and other grieving loved ones to find closure and make room for healing experiences. Finding ways to create hybrid services and selecting the best parts to help you and your loved ones say this tender farewell should be thoughtfully considered.

Some Frequent Misconceptions Regarding Funeral and Cremation in Oregon City, OR

Funerals Have to be Held in a Church: No. Though a funeral can be held in a religious venue, they certainly do not have to be. Funerals can be presented at the funeral home, a private residence, outdoors, or another facility that will accommodate your needs. Funerals are held with the deceased's remains present as a central feature of the service. Honoring the dead and then having the remains placed for final disposition can help mourners feel a sense of this new reality and bring much-needed closure.

Funerals Should Have an Open Casket: The deceased's body can be prepared for public viewing if desired. However, the casket can remain closed throughout all funerary events if that is not deemed desirable. Embalming the remains will most likely be required if a viewing is offered. The embalming process is a way to forestall the deteriorating effects of decomposition temporarily. The fluids of the deceased remain are drained away, and chemicals are injected throughout the tissues in their place. The impact of the substances used in embalming is to cleanse and preserve the body for a short time.

Cremation Services Are at Great Risk for Mistakes and Mix-ups of the Remains: Reputable firms have many safeguards to ensure that all risk for human errors is eliminated. There are many laws and regulations surrounding cremation procedures that are designed to protect clients and families from painful mistakes. Ask questions about the process at the facility you are considering and be sure you feel comfortable with the offered level of transparency.

Funeral Services Are Not Available for Someone Receiving Cremation Services: This is not true. In fact, it has become increasingly popular to hold funerary services for an individual and then have the remains cremated instead of buried in a casket. If you are interested in having services combined for a funeral and cremation in Oregon City, OR, ask your provider about this beautiful solution.

Where Could You Lay Cremated Remains to Rest?

An attractive option with cremated remains is flexibility when it comes to the final placement of the deceased remains. Ashes can be traditionally buried in your preferred cemetery. Some memorial parks offer above-ground burial niches in a columbarium. Another possibility is scattering the ashes in a cremation garden or a sentimental outdoor location. Some families find that they feel most comfortable keeping the cremated remains nearby. Displayable urns can be purchased for this purpose. Cremated remains could be divided between multiple jars if needed.

Having a place to grieve has been shown to benefit the bereaved. If you do opt for an ash scattering solution, you may want to consider having some type of permanent memorial erected or set up in a location that you can visit as often as you need to feel close to your deceased. This could be anything that will help you feel connected to your departed loved one. A few ideas are having a bench installed in a quiet setting, a stone monument at the cemetery, or a tree planted in honor of your dear one.

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Navigating the grueling hours and days after losing a loved one should never be faced alone. Working with experienced professionals to plan services related to funeral and cremation in Oregon City, OR, will make this difficult time just a little bit easier. The compassionate funerary experts at Cornwell Wilsonville Funeral Home and Cremation Service are ready to help you with immediate needs at all hours of the day and night. Our offices and facilities are located at 29222 SW Town Center Loop E, Wilsonville, OR 97070. Please call (503) 682-1177 for assistance.