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One reason selecting an honest provider of deathcare services like funeral and cremation in Tigard, OR is important is because this is a vulnerable time for families reeling with loss. When someone passes away, the responsibility to care for their final needs and arrangements falls to the closest relatives. When an upstanding provider is hired to support the family with the final arrangements, the interests of a vulnerable group can be protected. This is true with the selection of funerary services and products. The costs can vary significantly between different services and merchandise. To better understand this variation in pricing, it can be helpful to know that some services are simply more expensive to deliver than others. Take a full funerary service as an example. The extensive preparation for the deceased remains to be ready for a presentation that requires the funeral director's undivided attention and professional talents. Similarly, the director sees to the details, including coordination of the cemetery, venue, and professional clergy or eulogist services. An average of 40 hours can be spent on a single funeral. Compared to cremation services which can be completed in a matter of hours, this accounts for the pricing differences.

Questions We Hear About Funeral and Cremation in Tigard, OR

Where Can Funeral Services Be Held?

Funeral services can be streamlined or planned as part of a succession of events to create a final goodbye. There are many appropriate locations to hold this type of service. The funeral home, your chosen religious building, an event center, the cemetery, or a private residence are some examples we have supported over the years. Choose a location that can accommodate the size of the expected guest list. Think about what kind of environment you hope to create with any honoring services. These details can positively impact the healing trajectory of bereaved attendees.

Is Embalming the Deceased Remains a Requirement?

To temporarily clean and curtail the decomposition process, embalming the body can be completed. Embalming is not required. It is against the law for a funeral provider to tell you otherwise. However, embalming can make it possible to extend the window when the physical remains can be viewed and visibly presented publicly. In addition, there are thought to be some psychological benefits with the closure of seeing the deceased lying in repose as part of the final arrangements.

How Can Cremation Services Be Offered Securely?

Reputable providers of cremation services go to great lengths to assure the secure identity of your deceased for every stage of this deathcare service. Ask plenty of questions of your provider to be sure you feel comfortable with the protocols and security measures that are in place before things are underway. Because the remains are altered beyond recognition during cremation, understanding this process can bring peace of mind to the family who awaits the receipt of the ashen remains.

Can a Funeral and Cremation Occur for the Same Person?

An excellent option for many situations is to combine services for a funeral and cremation in Tigard, OR. This solution provides the family the closure filling aspects of the funerary experience held in the presence of the departed individual's remains. Once the funeral services are completed, the body will be taken for cremation. The funeral can include embalming for public viewing if that is wanted. Rental caskets are available to hold the deceased during the funeral events since the casket will not be necessary for traditional burial.

What to Do with Cremated Remains

Cremation offers some flexibility for those who need additional time to plan services. It also opens up more possible solutions for the final disposition of the remains. Traditionally the body has been buried to respect the deceased and return them to the earth. If casketed burial is not desired, cremation is a great alternative. The ashen remains could be scattered outdoors in a favored spot with the appropriate permissions and permits. Some burial parks even offer space for this practice in a cremation garden.

Urns are containers designed to hold cremated remains indefinitely. Traditional urns may have the vase-like shape of a pot or a jar with a tight-fitting lid. However, there are limitless options for customization with these specialized containers. For example, if multiple households would like a portion of the remains, they can be divided between other urns.

An Experienced and Compassionate Complete Deathcare Provider

A full-service funerary firm like Cornwell Wilsonville Funeral Home and Cremation Service can assist you with all levels of traditional service options or modern deathcare solutions. As you work with the experienced and compassionate experts here, you can find arrangements that fit your budget and vision for this final farewell. Call to tour our comforting facilities located at 29222 SW Town Center Loop E, Wilsonville, OR 97070. For all things related to a funeral or cremation service in Tigard, OR, contact us at (503) 682-1177.