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Wilsonville OR Funeral Home And Cremations

Do you need to make final arrangements for future or immediate needs because a loved one has passed away? Designing deathcare solutions such as a funeral and cremation in Wilsonville, OR, can be thoughtfully created while keeping expenses at a minimum. The key is discovering which services are most important to you and being upfront with your provider about your pricing limitations. Not all services require the same amount of time and resources as the funeral provider. That means some options will cost much less than others. An excellent example is a full funerary service vs. cremation services. The time needed to respectfully and expertly care for the deceased's body for a complete funeral requires skill and patience. Organizing all details, including the burial arrangements, funeral service venue and program, traffic control for the processional, and even ensuring the timely flower delivery are just some of the many responsibilities of your funeral director. These details and many others add up and may take 40+ hours for one person's funeral. On the other hand, cremation services require far fewer man-hours. The body is still cared for respectfully and carefully, often cleansed and dressed as desired by the family. A lightweight cremation container receives the deceased, and then this filled container is placed in the cremation chamber. Intense temperatures burn the remains until only some fragments of the bones are left. That usually takes just a few hours. Then the remaining bones are gathered and granularized into tiny particles known as ashes.

Some Common Questions about Funeral and Cremation in Wilsonville, OR

What Locations Can Be Used for a Funeral Service?

Funeral services can be offered at a wide variety of locations. You will want to select a venue that comfortably accommodates the anticipated crowd size. The funeral home or other event centers are attractive options. If there is religious affiliation, holding the service in a church can be a comforting tradition. However, funerals also can be held outside, at the gravesite, or even at a private residence. Considering the influence of a suitable environment when designing healing arrangements can make the setting a significant factor.

Is Embalming the Corpse Necessary?

One procedure to extend the timeline after death for final goodbyes is by preserving the remains through embalming. In this process, the liquid tissue such as blood and fluids are drained from the body. Injected in the place of these fluids is a chemical solution that includes formaldehyde. These chemicals stall the decomposition process until proper burial can be completed after a funeral service. The body continues to be held in cold storage after embalming until the time for honoring events has arrived.

It is worth noting that embalming is not mandatory and cannot be enforced for final arrangements. Still, if you are hoping to publicly display the remains in a viewing ceremony, this may be a required step. If you wish to avoid embalming, burial timing may be expedited if needed. More natural burial solutions are becoming an increasingly popular solution for final arrangements.

Are Cremation Services Secure?

Because cremation happens in a closed furnace chamber, it may feel difficult to know how your loved ones' identity is protected during the cremation process. However, there are many reasonable steps that reputable providers take to hedge against the possibility of human error and mix-ups. Interview your provider to ask about their security and identification protocols.

Does Having a Funeral Mean Cremation Is No Longer Possible?

Services for a funeral and cremation in Wilsonville, OR, can be ordered for the same person. In a situation where both styles of services are wanted, the funerary events should be completed in totality first. Then, instead of transferring the casket to the cemetery for burial, the corpse will be taken to the crematory and processed via cremation.

Thinking About the Final Resting Place After Cremation

A compelling reason some families find comfort in having a cremation performed for their loved one surrounds the conversation about what to do with the final remains. Laying cremated remains to rest can have more possible outcomes than a full-size casket which will need to be buried or entombed. Ashes may be buried in a like manner, of course. However, it is also workable to have the remains scattered outdoors in a particularly meaningful setting for your family. Of course, keeping the remains close at home in a displayed urn is a lovely option too.

Reasons You'll Be Glad to Work with a Full-Service Funeral Home

Hiring the services of a comprehensive funerary and cremation provider can simplify planning events like a funeral and cremation in Wilsonville, OR. The deathcare professionals at Cornwell Wilsonville Funeral Home and Cremation Service can help you with everything you might need. Reach out for immediate assistance or schedule an appointment for future needs by calling (503) 682-1177. Our modern and comforting facilities are located for your convenience at 29222 SW Town Center Loop E, Wilsonville, OR 97070.

Funeral Home & Cremations FAQs

  • What kind of activities will take place at a celebration of life?That varies depending on the individual and the family. Some common activities include sharing memories, singing songs, reading poems, and telling stories about the person who has died. There may also be a time for people to share their thoughts and feelings about the person who has passed away. Learn more about celebration of life services.
  • What are some common ways to personalize a funeral?Some common ways to personalize a funeral include choosing special readings, poems, or scriptures, playing meaningful music and displaying personal items that were important to the deceased. You can also create photo collages or memory tables with mementos such as favorite books, movies, or hobbies. Learn more about personalization services.
  • How can I help my loved one who is grieving?Let your loved one know that you are there for them and that they can talk to you about their grief. You can also provide practical support, such as helping them with tasks around the house or taking them to appointments. Finally, be respectful of their emotions and give them space when they need it. Learn more about grief support guide.